How a Divorced, Out-of-Shape, Depressed Computer Geek Turned His Dating Life Around by Learning the Secrets of Attraction!


Robert here.

If you’re like me then you didn’t grow up being a “natural” with women, and maybe you even found dating to be confusing and frustrating!

Trust me, we’ve ALL been there.

Standing in front of that one girl that you desperately want to approach, the girl you want to impress, who you want to think you’re the coolest person in the world, and when you open your mouth to speak…

…nothing happens. Just silence. Just awkwardness. Just starting at your dream girl with your dick in your hand and your lips sewn shut. Excuses drowning your thoughts and erasing your courage.

Or better yet, once you’ve mustered up the courage to even approach, you maybe say too much. You blab away in that super “try hard to impress” and needy tone that causes her to look at you like you’re a creep and lands you rejection after rejection.

Or maybe, you CAN actually talk to women but you simply don’t know how to escalate to that first kiss or how to take things to the bedroom?

Yup, we’ve all been there.

The great news is, getting results is just around the corner.

Our lives are an outcome of our choices… my job is to help you see NEW choices you didn’t know you had!

What if I told you that under my direction, you will be able to:

  • Feel happy and excited when approaching new women, instead of nervous, insecure, or timid before you even approach
  • Easily eliminate a woman’s resistance of her labelling you a “creep,” and be able to playfully flirt and create a romantic connection
  • Never run out of things to say, build trust, and turn up the heat in the bedroom with that special someone

You will be able to naturally attract women, and you’ll be able to do so without all of the “traditional” aspects that you think women want, such as…

  • Status or “power”
  • How much money you make
  • Your age
  • How tall you are
  • Your genetic looks

Seems unreasonable? Allow me to introduce myself then…

Who is Robert Belland Anyways?

I’ll tell you who I’m NOT first.

I’m no George Clooney. I was not a born “natural.”

I really was never good with women throughout my teens and the beginning of my adult life. I was always pretty friendly, however, and thanks to the power of proximity I met a girl when I was 19, dated her for years and eventually managed to get married…


At 28 my social skills suffered a rude awakening because I was divorced with barely any friends. I was depressed, overweight, and had hit rock bottom. Here’s what I looked like:

I had entered the very different world of dating with absolutely no skills at socializing, meeting, or attracting women. I’ve always loved women but it seemed that the more I tried to meet and impress them the more frustrated and rejected I became.

I didn’t even know that there were any “methods” you could learn how to attract women!

My first instinct was to lose weight and to get fit.

I updated my wardrobe, diet, and training.

I really turned my health around and ended up looking my best!

I even waxed my back… I know, right?

From there, my journey began…

I Started Meeting Girls

After feeling pretty good about my appearance my confidence returned and I started talking to girls again. However, the only thing my “makeover” did was realize that I actually had ZERO skills in attracting women.

This confused and frustrated me. I could meet women without much problem (because I was cute and nice) but I could not keep a girl to save my life.


I did not suffer from “being scared to approach” (which is the easiest part). Meeting women was fine but turning one of them into my girlfriend was an impossibility.

Every time I meet a girl I liked she’d end up walking away from me after just a few dates.

What Was I Doing Wrong?

After analyzing my results and carefully trying to figure things out, the answer was:

I wasn’t creating attraction.

I was being super nice, which does builds rapport and creates friendships with women. However, this means that our interaction stays a “friendship”, and only leads to the dreaded “Friend Zone.”


So I sulked for about a year before I got my act together.

Then I started reading.

I started reading everything I could on dating, pickup, attraction and seduction. I became hungry for knowledge, and VERY excited to learn that some skills CAN be learned.

I started to learn from my stupid mistakes that I had kept repeating.

I also started to notice something I’ve since coined as the “IGNORE and SCORE” method of attraction and dating. I started to notice the way some guys would behave around really hot girls. And it was completely different than how I was acting.

I paid attention, applied my knowledge, and I started dating again. And the result was…

I Finally Found Success!


I also discovered that strong Inner Game manifests strong Outer Game and so I was able to build my social circle of friends – which consisted of women that were made friends by MY choice.


For a whopping 7 years I met hundreds of amazing women. I raised my standards, improved my self-esteem, rebuilt my personal boundaries and expectations, and I raised the bar for the type of women I wanted to ultimately end up with.


Something else happened (this will shock you).

I actually got fat and lazy and gained about 30 lbs…

But since I had rock solid inner game and my mindsets exuded nothing but confidence and attractiveness – it did NOT slow my dating life at all!

Try to understand something…

My goal was never to go out and get laid (although I did).

My goal was never to get any girl I met (although I always got the girls I really wanted).

Ultimately, all I was looking for real love from just one amazing woman.

Today I’m living comfortably as a computer geek, while living with my beautiful girlfriend.

I’m overweight AND loveable by this lovely woman!

As you’ve noticed from the story, my sexual success was no accident.

I am living proof that someone can go from absolute rock bottom to living in abundance with women. I am not special. I do not possess any genetic advantage over you.

I simply got scientific when it came to my dating life, and I’ve gathered all of my findings in a book, wrapped in a neat bow-tie for you to learn how I did it!

Over the last 12 years I’ve dated the most beautiful women I ever thought possible, I’ve read more books on dating and pickup than most, and I’ve dated hundreds of other women in my endless pursuit of learning about love, sex, and relationships.

This is a lifestyle I used to dream about, and now it’s my MISSION to share it with every frustrated man I can find!


If I can save just ONE MAN (you) from the embarrassment of rejection by teaching him (you) how to avoiding typical dating mistakes then this book will have been well worth all the hours I’ve spent writing it!


Here’s what you’ll learn upon purchasing…


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Dating Secrets Revealed in IGNORE & SCORE

  • You’ll realize what 3 aspects of your appearance play the biggest role in getting her attention (and it’s not what you think)
  • Why a woman resists a guy even when she’s really into him, and how to use this as an advantage to your dating success!
  • Reason why women really do want to date a “nice guy”
  • Understanding there’s a fine line between teasing and playful banter – I reveal some of my best banter lines that will guarantee she’ll ATTRACT rather than SLAP.
  • Learn what a woman’s “bitch shield” is and how to properly ignore it so that you stand out from every other chump.
  • The differences between a direct approach and an indirect approach and the proper way to use each one to maximize your success when first meeting a beautiful woman!
  • Discover why women simply don’t value a guy they can get easily, and how to become the playful guy women love to chase.
  • Discover what stops most men from dating beautiful women ( it’s got nothing to do with a lack of fame, fortune, or genetics)
  • I explain the difference between being good looking and looking good
  • 6 simple things you could say to subtly communicate your interest that invites her to become curious about you instead of bored with you.
  • 8 ways you may unknowingly be giving away your power to her and why it will kill her attraction for you.
  • How a woman tests you and how to easily pass her tests and get closer to sexual escalation
  • You might be surprised at the way family and friends can actually hinder your dating life, and what you can do about it.
  • How the FEAR of approaching a woman can be used to actually make her more attracted to you.
  • How to tell if she’s really into you or not.
  • Word-for-word questions you SHOULD be asking her that will naturally make her more curious about you.
  • 8 quick tips for telling a powerful story, which can create a great emotional connection with a woman.
  • 3 simple ways to remove a woman’s fears and resistance to your escalation.
  • A powerful way to instantly build her attraction and rapport that will make you seem irresistible and fun, which most men absolutely neglect! – pg.
  • How this one behavior will erode her attraction for you and can destroy your chance of a happy long-term relationship.
  • The 5 things a woman instantly assesses about you when she first see’s you, and how to make the most of your first impression.
  • 5 questions you should ask yourself to help you from unknowingly making the same dating mistakes over and over again (something I did in my first year of meeting women)
  • 14 non-verbal ways she might indicator her interest in you, as well as 19 others you shouldn’t miss.
  • What it means to be an attractive man and how to lead a lifestyle that naturally brings you success.
  • How to tell when she’s ready to be seduced, and what most men do wrong when they first try to escalate the physical relationship with her.
  • This is something you might be doing that will destroy your chances of creating real intimacy with any women you date.
  • 5 things you should NEVER do when in bed with a woman!
  • Chapter “Score Sexual Intimacy” defines “sex,” and explains her sexual drives.

And much, much more!

Still not convinced? See What Others Have to Say!

“Robby the author of this book is a legend! I enjoyed reading every page. I bought this on iPhone and got to say it made me feel a bit better after a break up already. This book as I read in previous review is about learning your self it’s a 5 star from me and it has links and email advice.” – Jack H.

“Helps you understand more about yourself as well as the complexities of dating. It gives examples of what we have all done at one point or another that we regretted later on and gives examples on how to go about it differently the next time. This book will also boost your confidence. For the price, it can’t be beat.” – Ryan M.

“First time I ever left a feedback but I just had to! This is one of those books that makes you say “darn it, where was this book when I was in my teens and twenties.” This gets to the psychology of women and men. Robert explains his material in a very succinct and straight-forward without pulling the punches (admit it: us guys need to hear the truth no matter if it hurts).” – Steven K.

Here’s Your Chance to Live the Dating Life of Your Dreams…

Whether you decide to purchase in digital or print, the price is basically POCKET CHANGE – about the cost of two packs of gum nowadays.

If you’re struggling with women like I once was, I urge you to get your hands on my book. It’s a no-brainer.

Just below you will see three places you can buy this book, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

From there you’ll be able to instantly download (or order a print copy) to begin reading all of my very best tips and techniques for meeting and dating beautiful women. You don’t even need to read this book from cover to cover, simply pick and choose the sections that stand out most to you.

Buy it, read it, and if it doesn’t help you at all return it. Then email me and complain! Amazon has an amazing return policy and my email address is in my book. Seriously, let me know what you think.

IF YOU ALREADY OWN IT: If you already own my book you can go to the top right hand side of this page and gain access to special resources I’ve referenced within each chapter of the book, as well as leave comments/questions/or suggestions. I really appreciate your help and feedback!

Please email me personally if you have any questions… (I read and respond to all of them)!

I wish you new and continued success with women,


~ Robert Belland
P.S. – Is your pocket change worth landing the girl of your dreams? Don’t make the mistake of procrastinating your dating life. The time to get it solved is NOW, and we’re even giving you a money-back guarantee!



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