As you’ll learn in this chapter of my book ATTRACTION is about TENSION and seduction is about building and releasing that tension through resistance. Here are some links that support the concepts explained in this chapter:

Attraction, Tension, Resistance, and Push-Pull:

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The Power Of Your Attention (Inner Game):

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Ignore Your Genetics:

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Ignore Rejection:

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Ignore Her Bitch Shield:

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Score Confidence:

Tony Robbins – Create A New Story (Video Clip: 38min)

Confidence Isn’t Real (Article)

The Ego – Eckhart Tolle (Video Clip: 11min)

Dr. Wayne Dyer – Independent Of The Good Opinion Of Others (Audio/Video 9min)

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Approach Anxiety (Video: 1min 29sec)

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Score Opinions And Boundaries:

David DeAngelo And Dr. Paul – Boundaries (Video Clip: 11min)


Score Resistance:

Urban Dater – Hoops (Article)

You Must Be The Prize (Video: 15min)



Direct Daytime Dating (Video)

Manwhore Speech (Video)