Sorry for asking but is it just me or do women and girls really hate super skinny very thin guys like me? I was just curious… Is it true? Please be completely honest with me – I don’t care if it’s brutally harsh. I was just curious and yes honestly I don’t know if this turns them off completely or hate it or whatever, thanks.

I asked because I’m not hot , I’m average or lower, and I’m a typical guy who would never harm or abuse women. I’m super skinny and very thin because of my high metabolism. I am not buffed nor a musclebound hunk since girls and women love muscles and want to feel protected.

And I can’t give women what they want and farther more I don’t have six-pack abs that women crave.

If I don’t stand a chance in dating, relationships or marriage because of being very thin I guess I would turn down all women … and if she asked me why then I would say the truth about this situation I’m in. I would also tell her about my research saying women never wanted to date/or marry super skinny very thin guys like me anyway/anyhow.


You’re stuck in an old immature mindset we guys learn at a young age… that women are as superficial as we guys are.

But the reality is that women can’t CHOOSE who they’re attracted to… it’s not a choice.

So if she’s attracted to you, there’s nothing she can do about it. And visa versa.

What you need to focus on isn’t what you think your short comings are, but instead on the psychology of attraction. What makes women attracted to men? The answer isn’t as superficial as you’re acting like it is…

If you want to build attraction in a woman you have to effect how she FEELS when she’s with you.

Being SKINNY or LEAN doesn’t erase you as a potential boyfriend. Look at all the famous skinny rock and rollers… they’re all gross yet women love them: link

It comes down to a man’s personality. 

How you see/feel about yourself get’s expressed through your personality… and that’s what draws women in or pushes them away.

If you’re needy and insecure then your personality will be withdrawn and small and will leave women with no emotional impact, except to assume you’ll be an emotional leach or burden.

And if you’re self secure and happy then your personality will be bigger, happier, and more fun to experience. Women are attracted to men with personality… and they will over look all your other “flaws” if they LOVE how they feel when with you.

The problem most “nice guys” have is that they’re fake.. they exaggerate how nice they really are when with beautiful women… giving too many compliments and smothering her in attention. This is a type of manipulation and women hate it. When compliments are sincere they mean the most, and when they’re an attempt to gain approval, they mean nothing.

In any case… you’re a man now so it’s YOUR job to “evict your inner wussy.”

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Address, one at a time, your insecurities… your social fears… your past traumas. And deal with them, at what ever pace you need. Avoiding this inner development is what stunts most men’s growth and maturity, and limits the types of women they’ll ultimately attract.

If you approach women with the concern of “what does she have to offer me” first, you’ll likely have more success than walking around like loser/victim, which you’re not…

The victim/poor-me card is an approach that’s meant to increase your amount of attention and affection, but it only works with Mom while continuing to degrade your self esteem.

So quit that shit.

Dealing with insecurities is what makes us men STRONG! Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to our own introspection is scary as hell, but it’s also liberating and powerful.

If feeling skinny or weak really messes with your self confidence then deal with it. Eating more and hitting the gym works. It’s hard and it works.

Life takes work.

Dating great women takes work.

And it all starts with YOU!

You’re worth it dude.


~ Robby

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