(Girl Age 18 – 24)

Its almost as if an attractive woman can cast a spell over a man. Let me be clear NOT ALL MEN, OR EVERY MAN, but a lot of them. Its like you don’t even know each other well but he’s already head over heels and lost his mind due to how you look. What do you do with a guy like that, and why are guys such easy prey to a good looking woman?



Attraction isn’t a choice. How we feel can’t be helped, but how we deal with those feelings CAN… with experience and patience.

Google “The Triune Brain” if you want to understand our deep animal instincts and how they still rule our emotional response to stimulus (beautiful women for example.)

One problem is the way boys grow up coping with feelings. Girls might sit around talking about their feelings and discussing strategies to deal with them, but most guys don’t. Instead we either bury our emotions, or we celebrate the most obnoxious ones, like our desire for sex.

I think this leaves men more vulnerable to emotional overload… we lack certain skills required to dampen our emotional responses to stimulus (like a mini skirt or huge boobs) so we sometimes turn into illogical dumb acting animals while we drown in our body’s emotional responses. It’s unfortunate.

But most guys either grow up and mature past this, and we eventually learn to ignore our less attractive instincts… for some guys this takes a life time. đŸ˜‰

Women suffer these same challenges but it’s usually around other types of stimuli… have you ever seen women in line for a shoe sale? Or even a group of girls screaming at a concert?

Girls be crazy too, yo!

Emotions aren’t logical, that’s all I can tell you.

~ Robby