As you’ll learn in this chapter of my book RAPPORT is about comfort and connection… rapport is the glue that keeps her in your life. Here are some links that support the concepts explained in this chapter:

What Is Rapport?:

What Is Rapport (Definition)

How To Win Friends & Influence People Audio Book (Audio)

How to Win Friends & Influence People (Book)

Building Rapport:

Amanda Gore – Building Rapport (Video: 10min)

How To Use Mirroring To Build Rapport (Video: 3min)

NLP Training Clip (Video: 4 min)

Make A Girl Laugh (Video Clip: 4min)

Connect Through Storytelling:

The 7 Keys Of Storytelling (Video: 4min)

Elements Of Storytelling (Video: 14min)

Understand And Allay Her Resistance:

Understanding How Women Work (Video Clip: 7min)

How To Deal With Resistance From Women (Article)

What Women Fear (Interview: 6min)

Appreciating Our Sex (Video Clip: 2min)

Female Psychology C – What Women Want (Video Clip: 1min)

Removing Last Minute Resistance From Women (Video:5min)

Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth (Book)

Always Have Composure (Article)

Ignore Your Jealousy And Learn From It:

10 Ways To Deal With Jealousy (Article)

How To Pass A Woman’s Shit Tests (Video: 6min)

Tyler Durden On Why Most People Fail (Video Clip: 10min)

Score Indicators Of Interest:

Body Language – Indicators Of Interest (Video: 15min)

Signs A Woman Is Into You (Video Clip:13min)

Score Banter:

Banter Cheat Sheets (PDF)

How To Banter (Audio Podcast)

Banter Lines grouped Into Categories (Article)

Score Fun: Banter And Role Playing:

What Is Role Playing (Audio Clip)

Role Playing As A Fat Guy To Get The Girl (Video: 10min)

Role Play Plotlines (Forum Thread)


Score Congruence:

RSD Secrets Of Charisma And Congruence (Video: 50min)

Being Congruent To Whatever Emotions You Feel (Video: 12min)

What Does Being Congruent mean? (article)

Score Boundaries:

Inner Game – Boundaries (video Clip: 10min)

The Power Of No: Just Say It (Article)

Exercise Personal Boundaries (Video: 4min)

Score Your Own Purpose:

Enjoy my other blog: Being A Man On Purpose

Success (TED VIDEO)

How To do What You Love (Article)